Wine Making Philosophy

Wine Making Philosophy

Winemaking Philosophy

Leconfield & Richard Hamilton Wines Are Based On A Simple Philosophy –

 Great Wines Are Crafted From Great Vineyards. 

Leconfield & Richard Hamilton Wines are committed to varieties that excel in our Coonawarra and McLaren Vale vineyards, and Paul Gordon, our Senior Winemaker, and the vineyard managers, work in close cooperation to both maximize and preserve the unique characters of our estate-grown grapes. In the winery, we concentrate on revealing the inherent fruit quality of the grapes during the wine making process so that the essence of the fruit and, therefore, the character of the region, are expressed in the wine.

We take a hands-on approach to crafting our wines and continually strive to perfect them. Modern equipment and rigorous hygiene standards are combined with traditional philosophies and techniques, enabling us to utilise the benefits of technological progress while not neglecting traditional knowledge. Though the intensity and structure of the grape flavours will always be the backbone of our wines, the oak we use – particularly to enhance our red wines – is critical to the overall quality. We have established long-term relationships with our traditional coopers, and continually assess our French and American oak to ensure it is delivering the characteristics we desire.

The vineyard resource is the most important factor in the production of Leconfield wines and by retaining control and ownership of our estate we are able to ensure the quality of the fruit we require. The Coonawarra Cabernet, McLaren Vale Shiraz, Coonawarra Merlot and Coonawarra Riesling are only available in small quantities and are made from grapes grown on specific blocks in each of the vineyards. 

Leconfield & Richard Hamilton Wines are the result of our viticultural heritage, attention to detail, careful fruit selection, well thought out non-interventionist wine making and the use of the best complimentary oak.